Canadian Western Agribition 2018


Single Tree Shady Lady 14A x Codiak Crikey GNK 13U

Thank you to Fallis Land & Cattle, Mike Fallis from Renfrew, ON & Brian Kemp from Selwyn, ON.


Single Tree Shady Lady 14A x Upto Specs Ulysses 25U

Thank you to Van der Drift & Sons Pty Ltd, Andrew Van der Drift and Black Diamond Speckle Park, Australia 

New Year's Eve Resolution Sale 2018


Single Tree Shady Lady 14A

Thank you to David Lloyd, from the United Kingdom who swept the ring and purchase both lots from Shady Lady.

3 x Upto Specs Ulysses 

3 x PAR Moo Fassa 03M


What's Next

Lots of exciting things planned at KFC Farms for the upcoming year.  Stay tuned for what will be offered next.